We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone within our organisation as Tony Holt steps into the role of Managing Director. This step marks a remarkable journey of dedication, expertise, and leadership within our team.

Tony has been an integral part of our team for many years, consistently demonstrating exceptional skills, commitment, and a relentless drive for excellence. Tony has exemplified our core values and has been instrumental in driving our company’s success through his innovative ideas, strategic vision, and unwavering dedication.

I am extremely proud and privileged to become MD, to be brutally honest it has never been a personal goal. The fact others looked at me as a potential MD some years back is a massive compliment. Since that time, I have worked hard to be as prepared as I can for the role. I am a team player at heart, I have always strived to contribute new and original ideas, give my all and do what is best for the company, it is never solely about me.

“I started at Northpoint in March 1989 as a Q.C inspector, then moved through different roles in production and transport, which is good for me personally because I can get quite bored in the same position.” – the new MD has told us. “I have the ultimate respect for people who do the same job for their entire work history, remaining as dedicated and committed since the day they started. I prefer to be in the shadows working hard to keep Northpoint at the top of its game, ably supported by some very talented people.”

“I see my role as holding the baton passed down from Garry Marshall and his team, we are the new team of custodians looking to take Northpoint into the next phase of its history, embrace sustainability and continue to uphold the great values and expertise that have got us to this point. We have a strong reputation in our industry for great quality, service, and good people to work with. This is something we never want to lose sight of, just add to this with other innovative ideas, never standing still, hopefully adding new partners to our current portfolio.

I am very lucky to be supported by a very dedicated, talented, and loyal team. They know their jobs really well and look after our customers superbly, I know our customer base value their work efforts immensely.

One of our key objectives is to take the current senior management team on the next journey. In time we can hand over the reins to the next team directors, the goal being to improve on what we have done and take Northpoint onto even greater heights.”

Please join us in congratulating Tony on this well-deserved appointment. Everyone at Northpoint is excited about the future and we all look forward to achieving new milestones together.