Thermal Stripping

Thermal stripping is performed using a sand bed, which involves putting parts into a heated fluidised bed of sand to remove previous coatings, or pyrolysis. This a sophisticated type of ‘burn-off’ process under very controlled conditions where oxygen is excluded, meaning parts don’t deform when heated. In both cases the methodology is much more environmentally cleaner than the traditional chemical stripping methods usually used.

Northpoint is a specialist in the removal of powder, paint and other coatings through thermal stripping. This service provides an effective substitute for stripping paint and coatings from metal, which can be very time consuming. Our expertise and in-house facility allow us to ensure strict quality control and provide a complete solution to customers, from stripping to re-coating.

The stripped metal will have a smoother base, meaning the powder coating application will be much more effective; creating a more polished look and ensuring longevity of the new coating. This service ultimately improves the product finish after coating.

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