Sheet Metal Coatings

Northpoint’s powder coating facility has a dedicated line for sheet metal fabrications and smaller metal components. These specific coatings prevent ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corroding, offering excellent protection from the elements whilst improving the overall appearance of all metals.

Northpoint is an expert in sheet metal and metal component powder coatings, providing a vast array of colours, alongside solutions for textured or leatherette finishes. Sheet metal can be finished in a range of coatings including:

  • Polyester powder coatings, where long lasting colour retention is paramount. Usually applied to parts for outdoor use.
  • Epoxy powder coatings, which is ideal for corrosion protection on sheet metal and other components. Epoxy’s are used on parts for indoor use and/or aggressive environments.
  • Epoxy/Polyester, a combination for those environments where both the above points are priority.
  • PPA 571 a ‘warm to touch’ plastic type coating normally used on handrails and similar high touch products.

Northpoint has decades of experience delivering quality coatings. Working alongside each client, Northpoint can meet specific standards and requirements, whilst delivering a quick turnaround to meet tight deadlines. Previous projects include powder coating of retail shop fittings, stainless steel cable trays, switchgear housing, and auto extraction systems to name a few.  

Northpoint can deliver quality coatings to a comprehensive range of products and parts, with a capacity of 2.7m length, 1.45m height and 800mm width.

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