Sheet Metal Coatings

These specific coatings are used to prevent ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corroding and also to improve the appearance of all metals.  Each type of coating accomplishes a different goal and has its own appearance.

Northpoint is an expert in sheet metal coatings, providing a vast array of colours and finishes, some of which could be textured or leatherette. Sheet metal can be finished in a number of coatings including:

  • Polyester powder coatings, where long lasting colour retention is paramount
  • Epoxy powder coatings, which is ideal for corrosion protection on sheet metal
  • Epoxy/Polyester, a combination for those environments where the above points are priority
  • PPA 571 a ‘warm to touch’ plastic type coating normally used on handrails and similar products

Working alongside each client to meet specific needs and deliver a fast turnaround is what we do. Northpoint has a plant capacity of 2.7m long, 1.5m high and 500mm wide, allowing us to deliver sheet metal coatings for a range of products. For more information or to request a quote please contact us today.