DWI Approval

By Philip Dawson MBA, Technical Advisor, Northpoint Ltd

DWI Approved Coatings

The quality of drinking water is paramount worldwide. Contaminants in water can cause serious health consequences, such as cancer, developmental issues, and gastrointestinal illnesses. One factor that can lead to contaminated water supplies is the degradation or failure of coatings used for treatment plant facilities and distribution networks. Therefore, it’s necessary to ensure that coatings on facilities and networks are safe and effective in preventing contamination and meeting regulatory requirements.

The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) is a government agency in the UK that regulates drinking water quality and supply. They have stringent guidelines and regulations on the safety and quality of materials used for drinking water applications. Any coatings applied to surfaces in contact with water must meet these strict requirements.

DWI approval means a coating system has undergone comprehensive testing, assessment, and review by the DWI. The assessment process confirms that the coating material is safe for water contact, will not leach any harmful substances or impurities, and won’t compromise the quality of water in any way. Approved coating materials will not chemically react with water or influence its taste, colour, or smell.

There are coating systems available that have been DWI approved. These premium coatings are epoxy, polyurethane, hybrid, and fluoride-based paints, with numerous applications such as transmission pipework, water treatment pipework, water towers, water storage tanks and treatment plant facilities. Typically, the coating application company (like Northpoint Ltd) and manufacturers of these water distribution systems can work with you and your contractor to navigate the regulatory process and secure the different permits and approvals required.

It is essential not to overlook the process of ensuring your pipes, valves, pumps, storage tanks, and distribution points’ coatings stack up to the UK DWI’s exacting standards. Obtaining DWI approval for coatings is essential because it ensures that the coating material meets stringent safety and quality standards for use in contact with drinking water.

Failing to use DWI-approved coatings in water treatment plant facilities and distribution networks can result in contamination of the water supply, which can lead to serious health consequences such as the health problems outlined above.

The Northpoint Ltd DWI approvals confirm that the coating materials used are safe for water contact, do not contain or produce harmful substances that could compromise the quality of drinking water, and does not react chemically with water or affect its colour, odour, or taste. Therefore, the Northpoint Ltd DWI-approved coatings are essential in preventing degradation or failure of coatings in water treatment plant facilities and distribution networks, ensuring the safety and quality of drinking water across the UK.

In summary, obtaining DWI approval for coatings is crucial in maintaining the integrity of drinking water infrastructure, preventing water contamination, and protecting public health.

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