When it comes to protecting sheet metal parts, a powder coating finish is the most popular solution as it provides many advantages compared to other protective methods. Powder coating offers a durable and attractive finish that not only enhances the appearance of sheet metal parts but also provides numerous functional benefits.

Top 5 Advantages of Sheet Metal Coatings

  1. One of the most significant advantages of powder coating for sheet metal parts is its durability. Unlike other traditional methods, like wet paint, which can chip or wear off, powder coating forms a strong protective layer over the metal surface, making the metal resistant to scratches, corrosion, and weather conditions.


  1. Powder coating is much faster and efficient, providing a uniform layer of paint with no streaks or runs. Northpoint offers a quick turnaround for powder coating sheet metal fabrications, delivering finished products within 48 hours.


  1. Due to the size of most sheet metal parts received, Northpoint can coat high volumes of stock on a dedicated coating line featuring the latest automated technology.


  1. As well as being an environmentally friendly choice, powder coating can provide a range of aesthetic benefits for specific applications, including a wide colour range and textured finishes.


  1. Powder coating is a cost-effective solution as it provides longevity that outlasts other methods, meaning less maintenance and less frequent recoating.

Northpoint has been working alongside sheet metal fabricators across the North West for decades, delivering bespoke coating solutions that meet specific requirements. Our quick turnaround and professional service make us a supplier of choice.

Quality assurance is guaranteed at Northpoint, with regular 30-minute Dry Flim thickness checks, 100% visual inspection of each part and complete control of the in line chemical pre – treatment system.

Northpoint understands that each type of coating serves a different purpose and accomplishes a different goal, and so we work closely with our customers and material suppliers to guarantee 100% satisfaction. Our transportation fleet can remove the stress of logistics, with collection and delivery services available for our North West and UK customer base.

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