Date: January / February 2023

Sector: Filter cages used in the dust and fume industries

Business Unit: Fencing Line 2

Company: Hilson Filtration Products Ltd

Job Details: Recently Northpoint started a coating partnership with Hilson Filtration Products Ltd which are the UK’s leading manufacturer of filter cages based in Ashton under Lyne, UK.

Northpoint provided the coating for their pulse jet filter cages. The cages were coated in a premium high temperature thermosetting matt black powder. Once cured the powder will withstand external temperatures between 250-600°C.

The powder achieves the best results when sprayed to a dry film thickness of 40 microns. A thicker layer film could result in a steady reduction in the adhesion properties of the coating.

A correct substrate pre-treatment is critical to the performance of the high temperature powder.

High temperature powder maintains:

  • Aesthetic appeal, gloss, and colour retention.
  • Resistance to delamination.
  • Resistance to cracking.
  • Good corrosion resistance over long term use.

Northpoint Ltd and Hilson Filtration Products Ltd worked together to make sure the project was delivered within the time frames provided by the end user client.  During this project we managed to build a good working relationship with Hilson and subsequently Northpoint have now successfully coated other filter cages work used in pulse/reverse jet filters across UK and Europe.


Customer Testimonial

“We were looking to source a reliable, high temperature powder coating specialist who could offer a coating to withstand 250°C+for our clients Biomass filter. Our colleague suggested Northpoint and we were very happy with the service levels, communication and quality of the finished cages. Their processing lines are efficient and professional and their prices are competitive, we have and will continue to send them more cages for other future project work.” – Hilson Filtration Products Ltd