Powder Coating For Sheet Metal Fabricators

Northpoint supports a network of sheet, tube & wire metal fabricators across the UK delivering quality powder coating services for a number of industry applications, from retail shop fitting equipment to electrical control cabinets, from machinery guarding to stadia seating, from clothing lockers to playground fencing, the list is extensive.

Alongside providing excellent corrosion protection, these coatings are hard wearing (up to 10 year life expectancy) and do not contain any solvents and release no volatile, organic compounds (VOC’s), making them an environmentally friendly and safe coatings option.

Metal fabrications can be finished using a variety of coatings meaning the coatings can be tailored to fit the eventual use of the parts/fabrications. Where customers have a need, Northpoint can collaborate to produce a Quality Plan and/or Inspection Test Plan (ITP) for the specific process enabling the customer to have a fully auditable and transparent process, giving them confidence in the coating services being provided.

The team at Northpoint work closely with each customer to deliver a tailored solution meeting specific customer requirements and quality standards. Northpoint offers the following powder coating solutions:

  • Polyester powder coatings
  • Epoxy powder coatings
  • Epoxy/Polyester combined coatings
  • PPA 571 – a warm to touch plastic type coating, often found on handrails and other elements intended for public contact

Northpoint has a standard range of over 24 colours, but can also provide many other colours as non-standard, metallic, leatherette and textured finishes as is appropriate for the customer requirements.

Northpoint’s dedicated multi-metal coating line has recently undergone an upgrade, with the introduction of a new Gema automatic powder coating plant. The line improvements offer a cleaner work environment, increased coating efficiency and better coating capacity; ultimately providing a better service and quicker turnaround for our clients.

Northpoint is centrally located in Dukinfield, North West England, (close to Manchester & Salford), we are happy to take deliveries from 06:00 hrs and where requested can help with arranging for collection and delivery.

For more information on Northpoint powder coating services or to discuss your requirements, please contact our team today.