Thermal stripping, or thermal cleaning, is a process whereby metal parts undergo thermal pyrolysis and oxidation simultaneously at an extremely high temperature in a controlled environment, ensuring parts do not deform when heated.

At Northpoint, the thermal stripping process is undertaken in a fluidised bed system, utilising sand heated to temperatures between 340 to 510°C and taking an average of between one and two hours. Our facility has the capability to strip parts up to 3700 x 500 x 1500mm.

Alongside the main bed are two smaller pyrolysis ovens that can reach temperatures of up to 600°C internally, which remove or break down the organic coatings. By heating the parts in a reduced oxygen atmosphere, a reaction takes place and reduces the coating to a residue that can be easily removed. Any emissions that are given off during this process are put through an afterburner, which burns the gasses at 850°C per second and converts them into H2O and CO2.

Thermal stripping is suitable for heavier, more complex metal parts, where blast cleaning would not be economical. It provides a cost-effective method of stripping existing paint coatings, and an environmentally friendly solution to reusing and recycling metal parts. Once stripped, the metal part has a smooth, clean base, meaning the powder coating application will be more effective, creating a more polished look and ensuring the longevity of the new powder coating.

Northpoint provides a one-stop solution for repurposing metal parts, delivering metal treatment and recoating solutions to a range of industries across the UK including energy, retail, oil and gas, water treatment and more. Our experienced team works closely with each client to ensure the most effective solution is delivered, providing coating solutions to meet a number of specific industry standards where required.

Our facility is centrally located close to Manchester, allowing us to service customers across the UK through the Northpoint transportation fleet of vehicles.

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