Date: June 2021

Sector/industry: Water Extraction, Treatment

Business Unit: Shot blasting / FBE Coating

Company: George Green UK (Flowserve Pumps UK)

In early June, Northpoint was approached to restore several pieces of degraded pipework removed from a Water Board site for our customer George Green UK, a specialist pipework fabricator in West Yorkshire.


Each pipe was shot blasted in the booth, taking a little longer than usual due to the build up of rust over the years. They were then preheated in the oven and dipped in the fluidised bed. At over 3m in length, the pipes were turned over by the crane and double dipped ( dipped from each end to create full coverage). The pipes were then left to cool and remedial work carried out before being banded together and prepared for collection from the customer.

The project was completed within the set deadline and the customer found the work completed more than satisfactory.