At Northpoint, we are committed to consistently improving our business practices, not only for the benefit of the business, but also for the wider community; paying particular attention to our services being as ‘green’ as possible and the safe application of chemical formulations.

Northpoint has recently made a significant investment into a greener future, making the permanent move from using standard diesel forklift trucks on our facility, to fully electric models.

The move from diesel to electric is part of a company CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiative to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our operational health and safety. The fleet will be permanently used indoors and takes Northpoint away from fuel-operated trucks entirely.

One of the key drivers and benefits of making this change is to provide a safer, cleaner work environment for our valued employees, completely removing the potential intake of any exhaust fumes through daily operations in the Northpoint facility.

A greener future is a topic that will remain prominent as Northpoint continues to research and invest in becoming a ‘greener’ company. We are embracing change in 2021.