Northpoint offers a specialist Pipe Coating service that meets the requirements of our client and makes their lives easier by understanding the need and providing the service in a timely and cost-effective manner. Northpoint also provides the relevant documentation to clients, depending on the industry that they are operating within.

Pipe Coating is a service which many may not give much thought to. Unlike fencing and outdoor furniture, pipes are ‘behind the scenes’; they are not something that people pay particular attention to, nor is any emphasis usually placed on pipes being aesthetically pleasing.

However, consider the importance of pipe systems – they ensure that our country has clean, fresh water to consume and wash in and enables effective sewage works.

Having functional pipes is essential to the wellbeing, lifestyle, and health of the public.

So, why chose Northpoint for your Pipe Coating needs?

  1. We are Drinking Water Inspectorate Approved

The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) is a government regulatory agency which ensures that all the water companies in England and Wales meet legal standards and are providing water that is healthy and safe for consumers. They do this by testing and producing reports to monitor the company’s production.

Our coatings are approved by the DWI, meaning that any pipes that are coated with Northpoint specialist powder coatings are tried and tested and deemed to be an effective method of coating pipes which provide the whole country with potable water that keeps us healthy!

  1. Documentation Available Upon Request

Northpoint can provide clients with relevant documentation upon completion of the service. Certificates of Conformity or Certificates of Test Results are available so that the end user is reassured that the pipes that carry our drinking water are coated with high standard materials which are tried, tested, and approved!

This documentation not only aids our business successes, it will also help yours!

  1. We Can Help You to Plan!

We can also provide detailed process management plans, inspection and test/quality plans as the need arises to reflect a specifically designed coating system.

We are more than happy to engage in pre-qualification processes for the pipe coating services we offer.

  1. Fluid and Gas Handling Capabilities

Northpoint offers pipe and pipe-fitting coating services that meet the requirements of fluid and gas handling plant needs.

Our coatings have been used to protect pipework on off-shore and on-shore drilling platforms in the fire-suppressant systems and for fluid and gas transfer. We are flexible in our capabilities.

  1. Aesthetics

Our powder coatings are available in a range of attractive colours so, if your pipes are visible to the public, they do not need to ruin the appearance of your site.

Our coatings are both highly functional and decorative, so you do not need to compromise on appearance to ensure that the job is done properly with Northpoint!

Northpoint Ltd is a UK market leader in Coating solutions for both decorative and functional purposes. Northpoint provides an anti-corrosion pipe coating service, the powder coatings used are Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) approved. Our fence coating services consist of Architectural Powder Coatings available in a variety of colours. These can be applied to galvanised steel and are perfect for coating outdoor furniture. Our coating formulas serve both functional and decorative purposes and, in most cases, come with a 10-year life span guarantee, saving you money and time. Find out more: