Northpoint’s Industrial Coatings Services

Northpoint provides a diverse range of tailored services making us an ideal coatings partner for customers looking for great coordination, single point responsibility, less disruption and reduced project management and trade labour solutions.

Specialist Coatings

As powder coating technologies have advanced and changed so too has Northpoint’s approach. Our continued investment in specialist equipment, training and competence, and process certification has maintained our position as a go-to coatings partner in the application of high-performance coatings systems for a number of industries.

Glass Flake Linings

Northpoint is experienced in the application of polyesters, vinyl esters and specialist glass flake polymers to various steel structures and pipework. Our coating solutions are used in the lining of tanks, pipes and the coating of access structures, with multiple grades available for refurbishment and new fabrications.

Solvent Free Coatings

Northpoint offers various solvent and solvent-free coatings including polyurethanes, phenolic, polyesters, epoxies and synthetic coatings. Applied by specialist application systems, these powder coatings are used extensively on tanks, pipes, skid frames, vessels, offshore structures, marine holds, jetties and bridges.

Pipeline & Fittings Coatings

Northpoint has led the way in powder coating application for the water supply utilities since the 1980’s. We work with each client to develop bespoke coating systems, from simple single layer FBE’s (Fusion Bonded Epoxy) to coatings combinations that include FBE + Multi-Component Coatings + Solar Protective Coatings for more specialist applications.

Powder Coatings

Our pipe and fittings coating plant (FBE) includes the capability to coat pipes up to 6m long and up to 4.25 tonne in weight, applying the coating simultaneously to the exterior and interior of the pipe or fitting. FBE coated pipework comes with Northpoint’s DWI Approvals, meaning the coatings have been tested and the application process proved to be Drinking Water Inspectorate compliant.

Polyurethane Coatings

Where FBE systems are not appropriate or where there’s a requirement for NORSOK M-501 Coatings or similar (KOC, SaudiAramco, Petrofac… specified systems) then Northpoint has the capabilities to apply multi-layer coating systems that may include zinc rich epoxy primers, high-build MIO mid-coats and high performance polyurethane top coats.

Internal Linings

Northpoint has been a pioneer in the application of MCL coatings using the two Plural Spray pumps within the facility. Northpoint also utilises smaller spray pumps to apply thinner layer coatings depending on client requirement and part use in service. These coating services often include differing coating systems being applied internally and externally meaning the asset being coated can function effectively and is protected from the environment when in-situ.

Why Collaborate with Northpoint?

We continually develop our service offerings to reflect the asset protection needs of our clients.

Our unique organisational structure means our clients can access expert assistance and guidance across our full range of service offerings. Working with Northpoint is working with an industry expert with over 30 years’ experience.

Cross Discipline Resources

Each area of Northpoint’s business has its own specialisms which has been developed over the years. This enables us to cross-pollinate ideas from other parts of our diverse business.

Quality and Efficiency

Northpoint has held ISO 9001 accreditation for over 20 years continuously, ensuring we work consistently to the highest of standards. Over the passage of time we’ve innovated our processes and can quickly formulate solutions that aren’t immediately the obvious solution, but work none-the-less. Our attention to detail means we can carefully manage projects over time without error, giving our clients the confidence to promise their customers the best in service and product quality.

Get in Touch

Do you have a project, no matter how small that would benefit from Northpoint’s expertise then you should get in touch with the details.

Northpoint will help you by providing a commercial offer based on your needs and support this with Quality Project Plans and/or Inspection Test Plans (PQP, ITP). Northpoint has NACE III and NACE II Coatings Inspectors on staff but if you need a Third Party Inspector to pass-off we can also make them welcome too.

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