Welcome to Northpoint Advanced Colour Coatings

Northpoint Ltd are the UK market leaders in Coating solutions for both decorative and functional purposes.

Northpoint’s Pipe Coatings include FBE’s applied by fluid-bed dip coating and spray applied coatings.  All of the Pipe Coatings provided meet DWI requirements and include Resicote R4-FB, Scotchkote 206N and Thixo 468 coatings.  Northpoint also apply Jotaguard VA5001 and Scotchkote 162 PWX coatings where required.

Northpoint are also able to apply the range of NORSOK paint coating systems for both on and off-shore end uses.

Northpoint’s Fence Coatings are used on galvanised steel fencing parts and in most circumstances provide a 10-year life expectancy subject to agreement before the contract is agreed.  The Fence Coatings are available in a wide range of colours (40 standard stock colours).