Welcome to Northpoint Advanced Colour Coatings

Northpoint Ltd are the UK market leaders in Powder Coating solutions for both decorative and functional purposes. Our Fence Coatings are used on perimeter systems around industrial buildings, public infrastructure and high sensitivity areas.  Our Pipe Coatings are used in water treatment plants, gas handling equipment and fire suppressant systems.

Northpoint offer a range of long-term Over-Glavanised Steel Coating for fencing, street furniture, hand rails, lighting columns and playground equipment. In fact, we can coat most steel surfaces where a long-term exterior performance is required. Northpoint also offer a range of pipe coating solutions for fluid and gas handling equipment including potable and waste water treatment facilities. Specialists coatings are available for chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial items of plant and equipment, these too can be colour coded according to the eventual use.

The fence coatings are available in a wide range of colours (40 standard stock colours). The fence coatings finish is hard, durable and vandal resistant making it suitable for use in areas of high public contact.

Northpoint Ltd Mission Statement

Quality of coatings and service are the expression of Northpoint’s goal to provide coatings and services designed around customer’s needs, giving our customers an experience that makes them feel we care about their business objectives and we try to simplify their lives.

Northpoint Ltd Vision Statment

Protecting and adding colour to our customers products is what we do. Taking pride and helping our customers become better at what they do is at the core of how we achieve this.  The Northpoint Vision is to be the most desired business partner for application of protective and decorative coatings in the markets we serve.

Northpoint Ltd Values

  1. To be a responsible business based on meeting quality, regulatory and ethical standards
  2. To be a part of a community of suppliers and customers all loyal but independent working towards developing shared understanding and knowledge
  3. We expect all people who work for Northpoint Ltd including contractors, consultants and agencies to be governed by the principle of ‘fair business’
  4. We expect to provide learning and development opportunity to our people where the business has an opportunity to provide
  5. To be a profitable business