Who We Are


Northpoint is a leading provider and pioneer in application of industrial coatings to steel and other metals.

As one of the most experienced and respected specialists in the coatings application business, you can rely on us to help you manage your colour coating responsibilities more efficiently and effectively.

We are though, about much more than coating application, we give you peace of mind as well. In fact at the very heart of our company is a commitment to the quality and growth of your business too. This means we’re not just a coating company, we offer expert help and advice, we are a trusted sounding board. We’re more than a solution provider, we are a best practice partner to your business. Our core mantra is we will now what we need to do to reduce and simplify complexity – so you can focus on what’s important to your business.

We’ve been immersed in our Clients business’ for years, and honestly, we find your business to be an inspiration to how we run ours. Your needs helps us set our standards for quality of product, speed of service, and the support we offer.

Knowing whats needed in today’s business environment is one thing, being able to spot and address tomorrow’s needs is another. Through the hundreds of thousands of conversations we have with our Clients every year we identify trends and help to future-proof your products with our world leading coating applications. Northpoint’s coatings, peace of mind, timely advice and new processes introduced aimed at simplifying the coating process.

Your business + Northpoint = a winning combination!

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