Training to Develop Our Workforce

Northpoint Ltd has recently entered into partnership with Churchgate Academy who will deliver training to develop our workforce.

The first candidate will be Mr. Khamran Uddin who will enter onto the Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Enterprise.  He works within the Bakeware Team under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Philip Dawson.

Khamran’s story: Khamran came to Northpoint about 6-months ago as a factory labourer.  He had a background in customer service and contact with the general public but had no industrial experience.  However, Khamran spoke of and provided his ambition and according he was identified as a candidate for further development.  Khamran is just 21 years old and the youngest team member by around 6 years but has demonstrated the maturity required to warrant further employee development.

Khamran’s current role is to co-ordinate the bakeware coating operations and liaise with the office on schedule progress.  However of the next year (2015) he will progress to being the business unit supervisor with responsibility for:

  1. Making decisions
  2. Solving problems
  3. Taking the initiative
  4. Making things happen
  5. Being resourceful
  6. Initiating and managing projects
  7. Being innovative
  8. Persuading others to do things
  9. Negotiating deals
  10. Pitching proposals

Ultimately he will develop the skills and mindset for enterprise, he will become an entrepreneur within the business.

Northpoint chose this particular route for delivering training because it was developed by the Peter Jones Academy, yes he of the TV series Dragons Den and who backed Levi Roots & Imran Hakim to name just two; so a fantastic pedigree.

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