Fence coating – How You Benefit

We at Northpoint Ltd have been passionate champions of professionally applied polyester powder fence coating over galvanized steel fencing parts for over 30 years. But that’s only part of the story.

For what we’ve learnt along the way is that applying the coating to meet recognized International Standards, making the management of the process easier for the customer can unlock an array of additional commercial advantages for the Client.

It goes without saying that we have automated the application process and the coating tasks so that the process is as tight as possible. Quality is high and consistent, indeed we are often used as the market example of best practice and best coating. There’s the added knock on effect of these automated and streamlined processes that encourages clear thinking and consistent action from all our staff meaning that problems are pre-empted and crises avoided.

But there’s more to be gained, turning our compliance to the International Standards from a burden into a bonus. Our experience shows that enabling you to give your Clients compliant coatings, backed in all cases by documented evidence and in some cases where required life expectancy guarantees underwritten by the powder manufacturer, meeting your commercial objectives protects both your business and ours.

The Northpoint Fence Coating systems allows you to:

Reduce Risks

The fence coating applied meet Internationally Recognized Standards; BS 1722: Pt 16 2009 & BS EN 13438 2005 . Coating applied in the right way minimizing financial and reputation risks.

Save Time

By automating many of the fence coating tasks and processes means we can turn work around quickly but without the risk of inconsistent coatings being applied.

Controls Costs

For those customers who have a price list they can work out what the fence coating cost will be at the bid stage.

Future Proofing

Northpoint Ltd consistently stay at the forefront of coating technologies meaning you always get our market leading quality of coating.

Boost Productivity

By using Northpoint Ltd fence coatings you know that the fence coating will do what its designed to do. The potential for coating failure is massively reduced.

Business Growth

With Northpoint Ltd covering the detail of the fence coating, you have the time and the energy to focus on your bigger picture, developing your company.

The Northpoint fence coating advantage is all about taking away complexity and bringing you a wealth of business benefits. By bringing together our insights and innovations we simplify complexity for Fencing Manufactures


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