BS EN ISO 9000

Northpoint Ltd run their pipe coating operations to meet the internationally recognized quality standard, recognition that the pipe coatings are applied and meet agreed requirements.

As part of the process of making sure that our Clients are getting what has been agreed Northpoint’s Field Sales Agent; Brian Clegg will be conducting a telephone survey of Client satisfaction.  If you are one of those people contacted please don’t be put off and try and give Brian the few minutes that he needs to ask a small number of questions.

All you have to remember if you are one of those people contacted is; you can only make our performance better by answering the questions.

value customers

BS EN ISO 9000 is a really important part of our business strategy in meeting our clients requirements.  The Customer Satisfaction survey feeds into our out-put results and will feature in the Management Review of our overall performance which informs strategic strategy for development of on-going improvements.

We know your time is precious, but we encourage your engagement and if you’d like to make any comments (we like good comments but if you want to tell us where we might have gone wrong) then please do so!

Thank you for your participation.

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