This month, Northpoint announces a 60 year design life for its Resicoat R4 FBE coating solutions.

Northpoint Ltd – Resicoat R4 FBE Design Life                                                      Date: Feb 2022

Dear Customer,

Pipes, Spools, Vales, Fittings and accessories that have been coated in Resicoat R4 FBE Coating have been in use in the Drinking Water and Sea Water industries since 1987, at this present time no complaints in relation to the coating are known to us at Northpoint Ltd.

Where Resicoat R4 FBE Coating solutions have been applied by Northpoint Ltd, to a minimum thickness of 350 µm and found to be free of continuity defects then applied, the coating has a Design Life of 60 years.

It is essential that any damage occurring to the applied coating during handling and installation must be repaired to ensure a protective coating film is maintained.

Please note that the design life may be influenced by temperature, media and the environment.


Yours Sincerely,

Philip Dawson MBA

Technical Advisor


Download the formal letter here or contact us for more information on our FBE coating solutions.