Date: January 2021

Sector/Industry: Mobile Dust Extraction Units

Business Unit: Sheet Metal Coating

In December 2020 Northpoint was contacted to provide a quotation for 20 mobile dust collection units. The customer, based in North West England, specialises in providing solutions for pollution free workplaces, fume extraction and dust filtration systems. They provide design, supply, installation, commissioning, maintenance and offer a repair service of specialist LEV equipment in the UK & Ireland.

Key Information

The client’s existing powder coating supplier was letting them down on turnaround time. The need arose for an alternative sheet metal coating specialist capable of providing efficient turnaround, whilst delivering excellent quality at the right price. After reviewing the job details and specification, Northpoint advised completion in two working days. The turnaround promise was over achieved and the team coated the first batch of units within 1 working day. Feedback from the customer was very positive on turnaround and quality. From this initial ‘shop window’ project it has led on to further work between our two companies.


The mobile dust collection units were coated in Ral 5003 Semi-Gloss Ripple (Texture) polyester to ensure excellent exterior durability when in use. Textured powders have hard wearing properties and improved scratch resistance. They are often chosen for sheet metal coating because of their ability to hide slight imperfections in the substrate.

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