Date: December 2020

Sector/Industry: UK Southern North Sea Basin (SNS)N & (SNS)S

Business Unit: Pipe Coating – high build Epoxy with Chemically Resistant Glass Flake

Company: Motherwell Tanks UK (for Perenco UK)

Motherwell Tank Protection is a leading supplier of pressure release valves. In December 2020, after careful consideration of the merits of Epoxy Glass Flake coatings and the technical competencies of Northpoint staff, Northpoint was contracted to provide protective coating services for a high specification project for the UK Southern North Sea Basin.


To support the award Northpoint produced a Quality Plan & Inspection Test Plan (QP/ITP) in line with ISO 9001 & ISO 10005. This document and key staff qualifications were reviewed by MTP and approved without amendment.

The Emergency Relief Vent was delivered in 2 parts. Initially the internal coating was completed, the parts were removed for assembly and then Northpoint applied the external coatings.

The specification was a Perenco UK paint requirement that called for the application of multi-layer epoxy glass flake paints both internally and externally.


Northpoint were able to interpret the paint specification and recommended their choice of products.

The epoxy glass flake coating system applied not only met the required paint specification but also meets the requirements of;

  • ISO 20340 – compliant
  • NORSOK M-501 Systems 1, 4, 7a, 7b, & 7c at 120oc (248of)
  • ISO 12944 C5-M