Date: Oct-2020

Sector/Industry: Gas Extraction and Transmission Pipeline

Business Unit: Eurokote Thixo 468 Coating System (Pipe Coating)

Company: IPS Group BV

IPS Group BV is a service company that supplies industrial equipment, pipes, fittings, flanges, valves and spare parts to oil and gas generation companies for their projects and MRO (maintenance, repair and operational) needs.

IPS contacted Northpoint for the external coating of two API 5Lx65 Induction Bends made of Austenitic-Ferritic Stainless Steel. Northpoint recommended the Eurokote Thixo 468 coating materials for the specific product application and environment.

API – American Petroleum Institute

5Lx65 – An enhanced grade high yield seamless stainless steel intended for use in offshore structures

Thixo 468 – a coating made by BS Coatings, Rouen, France which is a solvent-free 2-component epoxy binder designed for use as a protective coating when in contact with water.

IPS is a Netherlands based client who is working on behalf of Boskalis, also a Netherlands based company, contracted for the Energia Del Pacifico Gas Pipeline in El Salvador – a $850-Million USD project for the construction of a 378-megawatt thermal power plant.

The two bends – 600 mm dia x 3048 mm, 45o will form part of the 44km long pipeline between the power-plant and the permanently moored floating storage regasification unit (FSRU).

Coating Solution

After careful consideration of the merits of Thixo 468 and the technical competencies and experience of Northpoint staff, IPS awarded the contract to Northpoint for the coating application process.

To support the award Northpoint produced a Quality Plan & Inspection Test Plan (QP/ITP) in line with ISO 9001 & ISO 10005. This document and key staff qualifications were reviewed by IPS/Boskalis and approved without amendment.

One of the two bends is to be packed and labeled accordingly for airfreight to El Salvador, each bend weighing 960kg and with the packing materials a shade more than 1000 kg. The second bend is to be packed and labeled for sea shipment.