Wet Painting Introduced

Northpoint Ltd have invested in a new wet paint application facility

We are able to offer multi-layer wet paint application to a rage of surfaces and part sizes.  Having recently completed a sizable contract for the internal and external coating of large pump body valves  we are more than confident in our abilities.  We can offer great turnarounds, detailed documentation and best of all fantastic prices.


We can also over-coat Scotchkote 206N (FBE Coated) parts so that you get the colour you want that will not fade in sun light!

A great service we think that adds to our already extensive range of coating services.

For more details and commercial quotes contact:

Mr. Howard Tomes, Sales Director

T:  0161-330 4551 or E:  howard@northpoint.ltd.uk

We really do thin you’ll be please with the results!

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