Northpoint Ltd Select Bakeware has invested over £50k in new Pyro-Clean services.


The investment means that our storage capacity has almost doubled, pyro-cleaning services have doubled meaning speed of service has been greatly improved.  From a Client point of view the investment is win-win:

  1. Steel/Alu-Steel Bakeware can be cleaned of old coatings and carbonized materials without affecting the integrity of the parts.
  2. The added capacity means that we can handle much larger volumes e.g. 3000 qty. 10-block x 800g Bread Pan Straps could be treated in the pyro-cleaning ovens in a week when running at optimum capacity.
  3. Speed of service; optimum operating means at least a 25% reduction in turnaround times from the higher volumes that could be treated in day/week/month.
  4. Cost reduction in operating meaning that the refurbishment cost of your bakeware will be minimised.

This improvement means that Northpoint Ltd should be the default supplier to the bakery sector for tray and tin refurbishment.

Other services include; design, manufacture and coating of new bakeware as well as the refurbishment services.

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