Northpoint Ltd Select Bakeware Buying Solutions

Rising costs of production and increasing global demand for products at a lower cost or at a quicker delivery are major challenges for our Clients.

Northpoint Ltd Select Bakeware Buying Solutions consistently works in collaboration with buyers and sourcing specialists in generating new and innovative methods of working which create shared economic value, benefiting the entire supply chain.


Through the alignment of objectives we achieve higher quality partnerships and build long-term relationships, enabling us to work in partnership with people we know and trust and which through us you will benefit.

Our aim is to be the default supplier for coating of new bakeware, re-coating of existing bakeware, and supply of new bakeware regardless of the size of bakery operation you run.  So we have a full suite of solutions for you to draw on with the benefit of only one point of commercial contact.

A supply chain of many at the end of the phone or in receipt of your e.mail!

Call:  +44 (0).161.330.4551 ask for Philip or Brian and we will be more than pleased to help.

E.Mail: or

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