Food Safe Coatings

Over the last couple of years there’s been a worrying trend towards release coatings (Telfon & Xylan) applicators developing their own formulations.  Essentially they appear to be taking propriety coating materials that carry FDA/EEA/EU food approved status and changing them in some way.


The claimed benefit is technical superiority of the applied coating.  How true this is would have to be proved, not just on paper but from evidence, and who would be the test bakery; – are you willing to be the guinea pig? However, we are certain that the applicator would struggle to expressly or by implication make the coating materials manufacturer responsible in some way should there be a food safety related event.

The only way of ensuring that the coatings are actually food safe would be for the applicator to take full responsibility and undertake the full range of tests required so proving that non-stick coating applied meets the requirements of the relevant FDA/EU/EEA Legislative requirements – ask them for the evidence.

Northpoint Ltd Select Bakeware will only apply full systems of propriety products to your bakeware, we will not change, modify or alter the coating materials we’ve been provided for the particular application.  In the event of a product failure you, the Client will be comfortable in the knowledge that the coating system applied is as intended, applied by a process recommended by the coating material manufacturer and that it is food safe.  And if there is a problem, you, the Client can rely not just on Northpoint Ltd (who carry £20M of insurance cover) but also on the material supplier.

Northpoint Ltd Select Bakeware – buy with confidence!

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